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Category Archives: Canterbury Renaissance Faire July 23

Card from Flying Skwril

Card from Flying Skwril

I’d like to thank a couple of folks who made this Faire special for Professor Laffmoore and his troup.

First, thanks go out to Debbie Jones and her husband Bill who own Flying Skwirl out of Fort Bragg, California.  They have a booth each year at the Faire, and they tell me it’s one of the most enjoyable (if not THE most enjoyable) events they attend.  They sell a huge assortment of Dance Belts, Anklets, Chainmaille, Pirate stuff and accessories.  They pack up each year and travel to the Faire to enjoy the festival as much as to offer their ware.

Second, and most importantly, I’d like to thank a young lady who was part of a singing troup dressed in costume as a tree gnome.  She visited the Professor and entertained him with her Tree Gnome ways.  Time will never erase that memory.  Thank you young lady who ever you are.


This was the most spectacular festival I have attended this summer.  I saw some of the most beautiful costumes at the Canterbury Renaissance Faire I have seen to date.

Everyone was very helpful and kind.  My trusty helper Russ and I set-up just inside the entrance of the festival grounds.  A lot of goings on and commotion everywhere.  Several traveling entertainers working the streets.  A lot of shows demonstrating the skills of artisans and craft workers from this era in our history. The real beauty of the festival was the costumes.  Of course there were horses in full regalia, but they didn’t hold a candle to the people who had donned their costumes for the day.

Special thnks go out to Debbie Jones of “Flying Skwirl” who introduced me to a founding member of the event.  I don’t remember her name but Thank You Debbie. (See Debbie at

This is an event I wouldn’t miss if I were you.