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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Not much to tell about this one.  I was inadvertently positioned next to a very loud music performer.  I was moved to the far end of the area, but the music was so loud I was unable to hear myself think let alone perform any magic.  I’m sure the mix up was not intentional on anyone’s part.  I inflated balloons for the little ones and that was enough for me.  The use of helium to inflate balloons is new to me but that part went as well as planned.

I had such a fine time.  A few things went a little goofy but overall the events were something I enjoy immensely.  I believe everyone should see Art on the Green in Coeur d’Alene.  An absolute blast.  We arrived on Friday evening and I walked through the fair and came upon the director of the children’s event area, Isis Siegler.  She graciously invited me to perform and distribute balloons for the little ones all day Saturday and Sunday.  It was on Sunday I had a little trouble with which event I should have been attending, but that got straightened out quickly.  All I can say is shame on Coeur d’Alene.  You’d have to have been there to know why.  Again, I had my trusty side-kick Russ with me on Saturday.

This was a strange one.  It is always one of the better festivals I attend each year, and it proved to be no exception this year.  The strange part was getting in to the event.  Again, I didn’t have an invitation to attend, so I had to pay my own way.  I had arrived early and there was a lot of security.  I took all of my cunning to get past the front gate guard, but I was successful.  Again I performed alone which works out well at this particular event.  The children wanted balloons, but a lot of them want magic too, so I gratified them with both.

What a great festival.  It went well both days.  I had Russ with me on Saturday to inflate the balloons, so I was free to do a lot more magic but on Sunday I was alone again.  Doing magic while the children want balloons is impossible, so I kept to my trusty pump and filled those children’s hearts with joy.

The Saturday performance went well even though I did it alone.  Nancy was there with more on her plate than anyone would want.  She is a trooper plus.  I gave away over 200 balloons, but I was so busy running the pump I didn’t do much magic.  I hope my fans didn’t mind.  It rained at my house on Sunday, and because I don’t have a canopy for cover, I didn’t attend.

The OCF just happened to fall on my birthday this year.  As always I had a blast.  I had Nichole running the balloon pump, and she worked harder than anyone at the fair.  I think I gave away a record number of balloons that day, 300 plus.  And to be sure, I did more magic than I’ve done at any event before or since.  The crowd loved us.

This event was one I was invited to join.  Nancy White of the famous Canterbury Renaissance Fair needed a magic act to help with the performance she had scheduled for the Portland Saturday Market.  I’m not much of a stage magician, but I think I held my own.  Actually, I got off the stage to perform for the children at ground level in front of the stage.  It went as well as planned.  Again we all got wet, but not from Mother Nature, but from the lawn sprinklers.  I had my son Matt and my trusty companion Russ with me.  Two better helpers are not easily found these days.

I did get a little wet at the World Beat Festival, in fact quite soaked with the rest of my troupe.  I had with me a student I had met in magic class, Becky Ekland, and the instructor of the magic class John Edsall.  These two are true helpers.  I had invited Becky to join me and help inflate balloons.  She proved more than helpful.  John just happened by.  He wasn’t doing anything so he thought he’d see how we were doing.  If it hadn’t been for the rain, I’m sure we would have stayed longer.

Well, as you all know, I’ve been busy again this summer.  Here it is September already.

Fortunately, I have no performances scheduled for the rest of this year.

As for the Festivals I attended during this past summer, I can honestly say I enjoy each and every one of them.

I will be scheduling performances for next year soon and posting them here as they are scheduled.