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Each time the Professor adds pictures you will find them on the Photos page.

I’ve added pictures of some of my belongings.

First you will find my Treasure Chest.  It holds my valuable possessions like gold coins and jewels.

The next pictue is my Necklaces (scrool down).  One of my necklaces is made of gold and each hart is linked to the next. The other necklace is made of jewels.

The third picture is of my Treasure Chest along side of my Jewel Necklace.

My Wizards Hat (scrool down) is shown on a stand.  It can be carried inside of the large copper and brass pail shown in the next picture.

The last picture is of my Large Copper and Brass Pail (scrool down) and some brass Dungeon Keys I carry.  Also, there are two bottles which I carry that contain liquid spells.  And on the left side of my Pail is my Bell.

I hope you enjoy the pictures of a few of my things.

Please write with any questions or comments.