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This was a strange one.  It is always one of the better festivals I attend each year, and it proved to be no exception this year.  The strange part was getting in to the event.  Again, I didn’t have an invitation to attend, so I had to pay my own way.  I had arrived early and there was a lot of security.  I took all of my cunning to get past the front gate guard, but I was successful.  Again I performed alone which works out well at this particular event.  The children wanted balloons, but a lot of them want magic too, so I gratified them with both.

What a great festival.  It went well both days.  I had Russ with me on Saturday to inflate the balloons, so I was free to do a lot more magic but on Sunday I was alone again.  Doing magic while the children want balloons is impossible, so I kept to my trusty pump and filled those children’s hearts with joy.

This event was one I was invited to join.  Nancy White of the famous Canterbury Renaissance Fair needed a magic act to help with the performance she had scheduled for the Portland Saturday Market.  I’m not much of a stage magician, but I think I held my own.  Actually, I got off the stage to perform for the children at ground level in front of the stage.  It went as well as planned.  Again we all got wet, but not from Mother Nature, but from the lawn sprinklers.  I had my son Matt and my trusty companion Russ with me.  Two better helpers are not easily found these days.

Card from Handmade Felt, Lorraine Karassik

Card from Handmade Felt

Thank you for visiting my Professor Laffmoore site. I have added hyper-links to some of the festivals I have entertained at during the last year or two.

You are welcome to click on any wording that is a different color (other than quotes) and be magically transported to the home page of that particular event.

I hope you enjoy the color and festivities as much as I do.

I would love to know who is visiting my site. Wont you please leave me a message upon your visit? Just click the item on the top of the page which says “Contact The Professor” and I will reply.

An adult only event.

Hypnosis was the theme of the day.  I presented a good show using hypnosis and everyone had a great time.

I hypnotized two willing volunteers, one of whom decided she did not want to be hypnotized, but the other was a willing subject.

Later in the day a young man asked to hypnotized, and he went under more quickly and deeper than the ladies in the show.

There’s always a surprise or two when it comes to a hypnosis show, and this day was no exception.


The Robin Hood Festival was not what I had expected in any way, shape or form.  It comprised mostly of vendors lining the streets of Sherwood selling everything from home improvement items to cosmetics.  Just a lot of common vendors.  No one in costume except one person I met who was dressed like a wizard, of all things.

I stayed for one evening and gave out balloons to as many children as I could entice into accepting them.  I performed some majic and entertained the roving crowd as best I could.  They were all amazed to see me there, especially the promoters of the fair.

Professor Laffmoore entering the 2011 Oregon Country Fair

Professor Laffmoore at the OCFOregon Country Fair 2010

Oregon Country Fair… What can I say about the Oregon Country Fair that hasn’t already been said?  It’s the largest draw for this type of event in the State.

My reason for attending the OCF is to assure that as many young people as possible leave the fair with at least something, even if it’s only a balloon on a string.  And that’s exactly what I offer.  I, or one of my two assistants Russ and Nichole, spent

Oregon Country Fair 2011

Oregon Country Fair 2011

Oregon Country Fair 2010

Oregon Country Fair 2010

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