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Professor Laffmoore entering the 2011 Oregon Country Fair

Professor Laffmoore at the OCFOregon Country Fair 2010

Oregon Country Fair… What can I say about the Oregon Country Fair that hasn’t already been said?  It’s the largest draw for this type of event in the State.

My reason for attending the OCF is to assure that as many young people as possible leave the fair with at least something, even if it’s only a balloon on a string.  And that’s exactly what I offer.  I, or one of my two assistants Russ and Nichole, spent

Oregon Country Fair 2011

Oregon Country Fair 2011

Oregon Country Fair 2010

Oregon Country Fair 2010

the entire day blowing up balloons to hand out to each child that passed by.  It’s true we can’t give one to every child, there are way too many, but we make a valiant effort.

My goal each year is to hand out as many balloons as possible with-in the limit of time I’m allowed.  I even bring people to assist me in this effort.  My assistant Russ has accompanied me to all the festivals I’ve attended in 2011 (Date today is Aug. 17, 2011) and Nichole worked the Oregon Country Fair with me as well.  We all had a blast.

Most of the day I performed majic tricks for passerby’s while Russ and Nichole worked diligently to blow-up and hand out as many balloons as they could.  I think we gave away about 200 hundred of them.

It seems every child was delighted with their free balloon, and most of the parents were happy to see smiles on their children’s face.

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